Whalley Range All Stars

Ye Gods

Ye Gods

With three performers who tower over like gods, a miniature town is brought to life with a witty use of objects placed in buildings and a series of dynamic sound effects. Church bells ring out, a factory grinds into action, there‘s a boozy sing-along in the pub and the rush to work brings the usual frustrations.

By the time these three have finished, the entire tiny town is humming with noise and life. HOWEVER… all is not rosy in this world. The “gods” are not entirely in control of what they have set up. A scene of destruction inflicted by a rogue weather pattern and some childish behaviour ensues. All is not lost though, as we see the town recover from its disaster and the cycle carries on.




Site 4

Running time

30 mins


  • Sat 30 Jun - 1:00pm
  • Sat 30 Jun - 4:45pm
  • Sun 1 Jul - 2:00pm
  • Sun 1 Jul - 4:45pm