Puppets with Guts



The Lips are the newest creation from big puppet theatre company Puppets with Guts. A chorus of delightfully deviant divas whose mouths have disembarked from their bodies, and embarked instead on the rocky road to stardom, fame and fortune. They are the largest puppet LIPS in history to sync with all your favourite songs... Get ready to sing together with these luscious, sumptuous and undeniably vivacious big puppet LIPS. Come sing along with the Lips on Watford High Street!

“Stand by Me” sing The Lips and “Dream a Little Dream of Me”... from The Beatles to Sixties Soul and some good old fashioned Swing thrown in for good measure – dance the night away, paying LIPService to the greatest LIPSinkers EVER! Illuminatingly luminous by night The LIPS will light up your evening or brighten the darkest of days with the sounds of the sultriest songstresses since The Scissor Sisters...

SITE Roaming & 8


Site 8

Running time

30 minutes


  • Sat 29 Jun - 9:20pm