Company D'irque & Fien present

Sol Bemol

Sol Bemol

In a marriage of music and the use of multiple circus disciplines two technicians on stage, impel the cadence of the performance by manipulating cranes, pulleys and the artists themselves. Undeniably dreamy, funny and for all audiences.

Company D’irque & Fien is a creative duo on stage as well as in life. Their circus performances – poetic and touching - tend to kindly tickle our childlike souls.

After a touring more than 5 years D’irque & Fien are proud to present their newest creation: Sol Bémol. 

We all come from somewhere
With our luggage packed
Seeking a better future
A complicated balance
An indefinite harmony
Everyone adds is own language
Our language is the circus!

A creation of D’irque& Fien: Dirk Van Boxelaere – Fien Van Herwegen.
Help with staging: Leandre Ribera, Oeuil extérieur and Stéphane Filoque
Technicians on stage: Fill de Block – Dimitri Ceulemans
Musical inspiration: Alain Reubens


Site 5

Running time

60 mins


  • Fri 24 Jun - 6:00pm