Kadam present’s Odissi Ensemble

Sacred Shapes

Sacred Shapes

Sacred Shapes is a twenty-five-minute piece for outdoor spaces, based on the concept of the Mandala, a symbolic representation of Divine and cosmic energies. Choreographer Katie Ryan says, ‘I see parallels between the way in which the geometry, colour and symbolism of Mandalas can evoke a certain energy within a space for someone in meditation, with the way in which a dance performance can do a similar thing within a performance space for the audience.’

The music has been composed by the acclaimed vocalist Ranjana Ghatak, who appeared last month at the Barbican as an opening act for legendary guitarist Jim McLaughlin and band.

Sacred Shapes is performed with members of Odissi Ensemble, who have been performing as UK’s first professional Odissi Company since 2015. Last year they toured Gods and Mortals nationally to great acclaim.

Sacred Shapes blends dance, soundscape, design and pattern to weave shapes and beat rhythms that tell their own story of creation and the journeying to find meaning and purpose.


Site 2

Running time

25 minutes


  • Sat 29 Jun - 12:35pm
  • Sat 29 Jun - 4:40pm
  • Sun 30 Jun - 12:30pm
  • Sun 30 Jun - 3:15pm