All-female acrobatic theatre company Mimbre are back this year with a brand new outdoor production. Lifted is a collection of funny, poetic and surprising moments, which explore in different ways what it means when one body is carried by another. Or when one person carries two people. Or when a person doesn't want to be carried. Or when three people find the perfect balance.

Teaming up with three guest choreographers - Yi-Chun Liu from Peeping Tom, HURyCAN and Gary Clarke - Lifted mixes dance, theatre and circus to celebrate the expressions and impressions that appear when three strong women move, lift and balance each other.

Following the success of the national tours of The Exploded Circus and If I could I would, as well as a number of exciting collaborations, including the Dior Haute Couture Show at Paris Fashion Week, Lifted takes Mimbre back to its roots, creating world-famous, nuanced and breath-taking outdoor theatre.

SITE 4 (Sat) & 6 (Sun)


Sites 4 and 6

Running time

35 minutes


  • Sat 29 Jun - 1:35pm
  • Sat 29 Jun - 5:00pm
  • Sun 30 Jun - 1:45pm
  • Sun 30 Jun - 5:00pm