Tangled Feet presents



Continuous 12.30pm - 6:05pm

The Welcoming at 2.45pm & 5.45pm

Overnight, a strange portal has emerged in Watford. A mysterious form has burst through the ground and an opening is visible at the top…

Slowly, displaced people begin to emerge. Then more and more...

Where do they go now?

How do we respond to them?

“One of the most exciting physical theatre companies in the UK today…a must-see” The Stage

In this unique durational performance piece, which evolves over Sunday, Tangled Feet question how we all cope with standing on the edge of enormous uncertainty.

Has this state of emergency become the new normal?

Twitter: @tangledfeet #EmergencyWatford


Site 9

Running time

Durational performance all day The Welcoming 20 mins


  • Sun 26 Jun - 2:45pm
  • Sun 26 Jun - 5:45pm