Far from the Norm presents

Da Native

Da Native

Embedded in woven mother tongues, Da Native gathers nomads from sacred sanctuaries across the globe to a shared, dusty landscape. Blending the form of the east with sounds of the west, Da Native rejoices, as communities come together in a melting pot of understanding.
Led by artistic director Botis Seva, Far from the Norm are a collective of dance artists renowned for experimenting with the hip hop form whilst tackling socio-political concerns.

Commissioned by Imagine Watford, Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, Latitude Festival and The Lyric Hammersmith.




Site 8

Running time

30 mins


  • Sat 1 Jul - 12:30pm
  • Sat 1 Jul - 3:00pm
  • Sun 2 Jul - 1:00pm
  • Sun 2 Jul - 3:30pm