Ockhams Razor

Belly of the Whale

Belly of the Whale

Circus meets sculpture in this exciting new outdoor show from Ockham’s Razor, winners of the Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Award for Circus at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016.

The performers, like surfers on a wild sea, ride a giant semi-circular see-saw made of wood and steel which creaks and groans as it transforms from a catapult, a gently rocking cradle, a tunnel, a slide - creating an ever changing land and soundscape.

The concept of the belly of the whale is found in mythology around the world - what happens when we confront our fears and come face to face with the power and momentum of things we seemingly can’t change?


Produced by Turtle Key Arts

Image by MarkDawsonPhotography


Site 6

Running time

45 mins


  • Sat 30 Jun - 5:45pm
  • Sun 1 Jul - 1:00pm
  • Sun 1 Jul - 3:45pm